Sombrero Galaxy – WebGL

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Sombrero Galaxy recreated with WebGL

I am always mesmerized with the enormity and beauty of the universe, specifically the varying geometry of distant galaxies. After inspecting the high quality images of the Sombrero Galaxy, I got inspired to try my hand at re-creating it using WebGL and the Three.js library, along with some custom vertex and fragment shaders. This image in particular is what inspired me most…

Sombrero Galaxy

The experiment uses custom shader technology for colouring and rotating the vertices around the galaxy core. I also used the ShaderParticleEngine (made by the talented Luke Moody) for an attempt to re-create the space-dust that flows around and also to explore the capabilities of the engine.

The objects closer to the core has got a higher rotation speed than the objects further away, this is more evident when the speed of the core rotation is increased using the slider at the top right.

For more breathtaking images of our massive universe, please visit –


The interaction is fairly limited apart from the ability to move the camera around and “fly” through space as well as setting the core rotation speed.


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