Crises on Earth – Natural Events with WebGL

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Crises on Earth locally visualized with WebGL

So I thought displaying all the natural Crises going on around the earth could be quite a fun project. After doing the globe and the atmosphere for the site, I stepped back and decided I was fairly unhappy with the look…(I am allowed to criticize myself yes 😛 ) So I looked for some alternative methods I could use to re-attempt a prettier globe with a more accurate atmosphere.

For the outer atmosphere I am still using a similar shading technique as I’ve used before on the GPresults globe, however, I’ve tweaked it considerably and also added the effect of glowing more on the side of the sun and being more faded on the dark side of the earth, this effect worked great!

As for the inner atmosphere, I’ve rewritten the shader almost completely (even though the end result might be somewhat the same. I just wasn’t very happy with the previous result as the atmosphere showed on the dark-side of the earth as well…

I hope you enjoy viewing the happenings on the earth. (You can click on a label to give you more info on the event)


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